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Mobile Car Cleaning Advice from Duane’s Desk – June 2016

Here are some tips for looking after your the paint work on your new car and protecting the clear coat by the manufacturer. You’ve spent a lot of money buying a new car. Many people think that because it’s new, you don’t have to do anything to keep your new car looking new. You have to look after the paint regularly. I recommend to my customers that you should invest in a maintenance program that with regular washing and polishing, will keep your car’s paint in great condition. When it comes to polishing I also recommend you use a professional by a good car detailer.

If you don’t have the money to buy paint protection when purchasing your new car, there are ways you can protect your new paint on your car without spending lots of money on paint protection. Just because your car is new it’s not immune to the environmental elements and the clear coat on your new car is not the shield that protects your new car, it’s just clear paint which needs to be protected as well. It does not mean that you don’t need to protect your paint work, it’s a very important part of your car. If you don’t look after your paint on your new car and protect it from the hot sun, will damage the clear coat on your new car and make the paint work fade and will lose its shine.

What to do in Queensland’s harsh sun

Another important part of the car to keep from deteriorating from Queensland’s harsh sun is your cars interior plastics, fabrics or leather. the sun will make your black plastics fade and crack as the hot sun will dry out your plastics. The best way to protect the new paint on your new car is to wash it with a good wash and wax about every 2 weeks. And do not let the car stay wet after you wash it because if you leave it wet after a wash it you will leave watermarks on your paint. If this happens the best way to remove the stains is to have it professionally cut and polished.

When washing your car make sure you use a clean chamois to wipe gently the water off the car. My professional recommendation is to get it professionally wax polished every 3 months and treat the plastics with a good plastics protection every 4 weeks.  If you do this it will protect your plastics from the hot sun and your paint will keep it shine and look like new. The polish will protect the clear coat and paint on your car from fading.

Before I finish, remember that any the polish will stop marking or scratching your paint from bird droppings and bat poo. It will also protect from salt air from damaging the new paint on your car.

That’s all for this month. Check my website each month for more tips.

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